Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Thoughts on Parenthood, I laugh, I cry, I get emotional and my boyfriend walks out

I made cookies on Saturday but was working Sunday and somehow all my cookies disappeared and the second batch was not as good, so no post. Sorry =(

However I have decided to talk about a TV show that I am loving right now. Parenthood!!

I was waiting for this show since about February of last year. I have a secret, I love, love The Gilmore Girls, actually if you know me this is not a secret, not at all!! I have every episode on my laptop and have followed the rest of lauren Graham's work since. So when I heard that she would be a main character in Parenthood, well I checked for a release date every other day until it was announced. There was some controversy surronding the premiere of this show and according to wikipedia Maura Tierney was due to play the part of Sarah Braverman. Now I must state that I am in no way glad or happy that Maura got cancer, and was unable to do this show, I do hope she is doing well and that she is getting loads of work. However, that said, no-one could play Sarah Braverman better than Lauren Graham. She has this incredible ability to play a single mom who has made some mistakes but works hard. She manages to come of as  both extremely intelligent and deserving of your respect while simultaneously silly, funny, unorganized and accident prone. If you are thinking, that sounds suspiciously like the character of Loreli Gilmore, well you're right but I say 'If it aint broke.....'

The show itself centres around the Braverman family and is a television spin off of the 80's movie. (FYI this is the second spin off but by far the best). The family includes the Grandparents; Zeek and Camille; siblings Adam, Sarah, Crosbie and Julia; and their respective partners and children. The drama in this show comes from the interpersonal relationships, as well as the trials of life inside the family and out. The first season deputed on march 2 2010 and included 13 episodes. Season 2 started in September and we are currently up to episode 7. I really hope that they are going to make a full 24 episode series, but it does not look promising because IMDB only shows up to 2.13. So we will see.

I personally enjoy this show. As a girl the relationships and love interests enthrall  me and as a young adult, stuck between the angst of being a teenager and the responsibilty of being a parent, I like the interpersonal dynamics and I fell like I can see from both sides. The show has a large target audience. I would compare it to something like 'Brothers and Sisters,' but for a younger audience. Teenagers will find story lines that affect them and adults will understand more fully the delicate balance between strict parenting and relating to your children.
My personal favourite Characters are Sarah Braverman, (obviously!)  and jabar (Crosbie's 5 year old son, who Crosbie never knew existed until the mother walked back into his life, unexpectedly). (Also side note for any GG fans - Luke's Daughter has a camio role in S2 episode 4, mirroring the Crosbie storyline).

Honestly my only criticism of this show is that it can be slow moving at times. As a trainee Psychologist, and a girl, I thoroughly enjoy all the conversations, the interactions and intricate dynamics of the inter-familial relationships. However I don't think these are enough to entertain the males in my life. In point of fact my boyfriend actually walked away when I tried to show him. He enjoyed the male bonding scenes over roof-top reconstruction, but once that was over, so was his interest. They say you cannot please all of the people all of the time and this is certainly true for Parenthood (2010). However for my tastes this show is just right!

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