Sunday, September 15, 2013

Breaking Bad macarons and new review

Like so many other people at the moment I am in the middle of the 'Breaking Bad' last few episode mania, every episode that comes out only serves to make the craving stronger, I need to know what's going to happen, I need to know. Safe is to say the obsession has been reignited and with the imminent end approaching all too quickly (yet not quickly enough somehow) it feels like it's a flame so strong that it engulfs everything.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Making your own silicone moulds

When you meet a wonderful significant other there is sometimes a double down good outcome because that person has wonderful friends. When I met my handsome, kind and considerate bf I had the honor of being introduced to his welcoming, kind and considerate friends. One of perks of my long time relationship with my bf has been getting to a place where I can call them my friends too, they really are awesome, but I'll stop gushing. Last weekend one of these awesome people called me with an idea - why not throw a surprise party for my bf, long before his birthday, and after the initial shock I thought this was genius. There have been a few surprise birthday parties for my bo (one memorable one including a fountain of cheese!) so he may suspect things if we are sneaking around close to his birthday but miles before it, well I was completely on-board!!

 The only issue was getting together a party in a week and in particular preparing the chess birthday cake that has been promised for the last year!! To the internet - I found chess chocolate moulds easily enough but getting them delivered to where I live was a much bigger problem. Hmm........... maybe I can buy a chocolate chess set, I found one before, so back to the internet. I find a blog post claiming that a local sweet shop was stocking them, the next morning I'm scouring the shelves for anything resembling chocolate chess pieces. I left the store defeated and moved on to the baking stores, every baking store in the city!! I returned home without a mould, but not empty-handed! Silli.creations are a company that give you the ingredients to make your own moulds in any shape you want. So I had a new plan, an opportunity to learn a new skill and a chance to pass my new found knowledge onto you, everybody wins!!

Honeymoon first Stops: Boston and Las Vegas

We left London on A Saturday afternoon and flew to Boston, arriving in at 7.30pm Boston time. We somewhat regretted flying from London when ...