Monday, May 26, 2014

Breakfast of champions for special people in your life

As I mentioned last week study has been taking over my life of late, every hour, everything I do it's in my mind and it has been going on for a while! Doing a doctorate is somewhat all consuming and the fall out from all this stress hits the ones closest to you. So what do you do for those lovely, supportive invaluable people - show your love in chocolate and hazelnuts, of course!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Study snacks

I have to start this post with an apology. I sincerely intended to post last week and was travelling home for my birthday so it made the perfect opportunity. I brought my big camera and even baking bits necessary for a really beautiful cake to blog about. However sometimes ironically living life gets in the way of blogging about one's life and I returned after the trip with a grand total of 2 photos. This is ridiculous and I'll explain why. There was so much to blog about. I celebrated with my family at a Michelin star restaurant, where the food came under glass service covers filled with special smoke to enhance the experience. Everything was beautiful and decadent but the setting was too sophisticated for me to pull out a huge camera, or even my phone.

Following this I prepared my cake and made it into the beautiful basket of roses that I imagined but unfortunately time constraints meant that as soon as i had completed the cake I had to work on my own appearance and the party was beginning in 45mins. So no pictures yet again. I have just one photo that a friend took as I was blowing out the candles, which I may add to this in a little bit with permission.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Healthy Mother's Day Breakfast ideas

So this coming weekend is Mother's Day in the states, not here - here it's in March. However I always remember Mother's Day in the states because it's usually the same weekend as my birthday. So since it's my birthday week I decided to make myself some delicious breakfasts and then thought - wouldn't this make an interesting idea for mother's day breakfast in bed too. So you might say to me, but Cat - Mother's Day is a treat it doesn't need to be healthy and if you want something naughty for your mum I would suggest this cinnamon and nuts twist. However, what if your mother is a fitness fanatic, or what if the mother in your life is your wife who has recently given birth and is working on the baby weight, wouldn't it be nice to be able to provide a delicious special treat that won't hurt her wasit-line or cholesterol.

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