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Hello and welcome to TVandcookies

I'm glad you decided to investigate a little bit more about me. My name is Cat and I've been blogging here for a little while now but have yet to share more information about myself.

Some highlights -

I'm pretty tall for a girl (6ft) and this makes me easy to spot in a crowd.

I live in the UK, right now. This part changes.

I love animals and have had one wonderful dog, 3 cats (plus cat friends I collect), 3 rabbits,a hamster and countless fish. I live in hope of getting a puppy.............soon. 

My favourite holiday is Christmas, by far.

I always wear odd socks.

When I started this blog I was studying to be a psychologist, in 2013 I am still studying to be a psychologist. This is a long process and it's very involved. I must say though as tough as it can be, I love, love the work I get to do. I love working with other people and I appreciate every relationship I form with others through my work.

In terms of the blog, I started blogging as a form of therapeutic distraction. I love baking and obsess over recipes and new techniques for baking/ decorating. My recipes center around taste as I'm more of a food obsessive than an artist. My favourite thing to do is dreaming up new recipes or alterations to other recipes.

This is my place to share these obsessions and ideas as well as some stories and insights from my daily experiences. I do my best to update once a week, on Mondays, and if I haven't managed it, please forgive me and know that I am thinking about the blog while I'm drowned with chores/essays/reports.

So that's it and I hope you hang around to enjoy the baking with me =)

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