Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm sorry but I got this and it will be hilarious

I set myself a resolution to update here every Sunday and despite my stab at self discipline I have not managed that. There are only so many things I can control and our electricity is not one of those. Therefore when the electricity in our kitchen went out a week and a half ago I knew immediately that I could not bake for a while, which to a baker is like some kind of torture. I did try to make a cheesecake but since our microwave and cooker and hob were all banjaxed it was very difficult and ended up far too biscuit heavy. Therefore I decided not to show anyone.

This week has been very busy and the kitchen is still not fully fixed, so yet again I couldn't bake. However I did get a really cute present yesterday that I will use next weekend. It's one of those giant cupcake mold. It's so cute and yet so tacky. I love it though! There is something so exciting about the concept of a giant cupcake. The mold has an insert for putting cream into the center of the cupcake which sounds slightly disgusting but for the sake of experimentation I will try out. So for now that's all I have but I will post a giant cupcake recipe as soon as I can.

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