Monday, February 29, 2016

A visit to Vegas

This past week we visited Las Vegas. It was amazing. My wonderful partner put us up in a suite on one of the top floors of the Cosmopolitan hotel. The room had a beautiful balcony with an amazing view, but don't believe me. Let me show you -

The trip was amazing but that's not what I am here to tell you about. I am here to tell you about a few little things that we brought back. So here are some of my favourite US purchases

Monday, February 15, 2016

Healthy and happy

This week's recipe is super easy and I must admit that I am a little bit late on this bandwagon. However we tried this recently and I have to say, it was a revelation! It's so delicious and so so simple. It makes a meal feel so much healthier and when it's this little effort, well why not?! What is it??

Cauliflower Rice!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Melting middle Nutella Cookies

It's February, finally! The January blues were less intense this year because I feel good about 2016. However even a good January is a difficult month; Christmas is over but it is still cold, every form of media that just 2 weeks prior was telling me that I deserve a treat is now telling me that I am fat and worthless for eating treats and my only redemption is an extreme diet with the help of their weightloss program, or tablets, or juice; and finally this will start to ease up!

And so, in the spirit of this I have made you some delicious melting middle nutella cookies!!

So.........that went well......but I'm back with a bang!

At the start of the year I said that I would try to post more regularly and......yeah....that didn't happen =/ Finishing this doctorat...