Monday, November 1, 2010

A failed attempt at caramel apples and It's a Spicy meatball

For every great success there are a number of unmentionable failures and well in this post I intend to mention one of these and at least someone can learn from my mistakes and possibly advise me on what I am doing wrong.

Every year at Halloween I intend or attempt to make Caramel Apples. I hate how they taste but the idea of them appeal to me for some reason I cannot explain. Perhaps it is the all american-ness, perhaps it feels like the only pg13 adult way to enjoy the holiday. However every year they evade me and then I vow to do better next year. So far I have yet to succeed.
I make beautiful caramel, this sounds so modest but I think I must defend myself on this element of the recipe. I have tried changing this caramel to suit the apples, thicker, thinner, hotter, colder. It never sticks Every time I try these the caramel runs off. I have tried washing the apples, cooling the apples and it never works. I have tried applying a thin layer of caramel and then adding to it but the new caramel heats the old caramel and pulls it away from the apple.

This year I came close. I had a delicious recipe with Burnt Caramel, and salty toasted almonds to coat. however despite my preparation and consideration I ended up with this -

Clearly this is not what I was hoping to achieve and as you can see even after the caramel had set on the apples the weight of the toasted almonds dragged the caramel to a pool on the bottom of the apples.

Therefore Caramel apples was not an option for the blog. I wanted something else seasonal so I made toasted vanilla pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin we carved. However these were apparently so delicious that they were all consumed before I had a chance to photograph the, brilliant!! At that point i gave up on my Halloween baking and then I made these delicious little fellas - 

Admittedly they are not baking products persay, however they are spicy, slightly sweet and they are baked in the oven.

Halloween Spicy Turkey Meatballs.

500g Lean Minced Turkey
2 eggs
200g Barn Brack Crumbs
100g finely grated Emmenthal or other strong cheese.

Mix All of your ingredients in a bowl and then use a spoon or your hands to form balls. bake these in the over for 20mins or until the turkey exceeds 79'.
Cover with your tomato sauce of choice and eat with noodles, linguine, spaghetti, in a sub, your choice. The meatballs are beautifully moist and the barn brack adds a spicy flavour that really puts one in the mood for the start of winter and the many holidays that go with it. The sweetness of the cake also counteracts the strong cheese and the overall experience is one that I will enjoy many times over the rest of the winter.

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