Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cornbread- A Thanksgiving treat in Ireland

I could apologize for my absence but instead I will say in form of explanation that Christmas is approaching and therefore so are my semester end assignments.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow though and therefore even as a novice food blogger I feel that it is my duty to report at Thanksgiving recipe. Even if it weren't I have to say I thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving. I have celebrated it many times in America and with Americans in other countries. There are many elements of this holiday that I enjoy, namely the many varieties of  pie, but by far my favourite part of the thanksgiving meal has to be the cornbread. I love cornbread. Since the day I discovered that the genius people in America found a way to serve cake as part of the main meal I have devour it at every available opportunity. However in Ireland these opportunities are few and far between, so I make my own!!

Cornbread (irishstyle)

250g Polenta
175g Self -raising Flour, + 1tsp baking powder sieved together
150g Demerara Sugar
1 tsp Salt
2 eggs
250ml Butter/whole fat Milk (if you choose the Butter milk the double the salt and add more sugar to taste)
150ml vegetable oil or butter

Sieve together the dry ingredients and whisk together the wet ingredients. Then using the hollow in the centre method combine the wet ingredients into the dry. Only mix until everything is combined not until completely smooth, i.e. don't over mix the batter or it will be a tough bread. Place your mixture into a parchment lined tina and bake at 175 degrees for 15-20 mins
Cool and enjoy with chili or just a smidge of butter or maple syrup.

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