Thursday, September 9, 2010

Television review - The hard times of RJ Berger

MTV shows have never really had a massive appeal for me, well not since Daria. So I was hesitant to watch RJ Berger but some friends were laughing about it and quoting it so I decided to give it a go. Possibly review it, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I watched all ten episodes but I'll get to that.
In that it's an MTV show it is a prerequisite for it to be overly sexual and vulgar. However I had hoped that this excessive sexual content would not interfere with the storyline. I guess it was too much to expect. From the very first episode it becomes obvious that this RJ lives in an unnatural environment filled with adults who are unashamedly over sexed. His parents and their friends talk explicitly around him and his parents have a sex room next to his. So.......that's...............................healthy!
The title implies a difficult school life, but by the end of the first episode we discover that it simply refers to his apparently enormous member when it's in full force.
In the first few episodes this seems to be a source of great power for the young man, then they appear to change the tone and decide that this 'gift,' is also a curse, a cross to bear, like his giant penis symbolizes the weight of his virginity. Towards the end of the show they make little reference, other than in passing, to the incredible large thing that initially set the premise for the whole series.
Other than the sexual content, this show could pass for any other teenage dramatic comedy, boy loves girl, boy can't have girl, boy jumps through several hoops to try to get her.......and you know the rest.
So why did I watch all 10 episodes?! Well I must admit that the show does have some slightly addictive appeal, each episode ends with a review of whats coming next week and although this section is tediously long and seemingly unnecessary, it highlights unexpected elements in the coming episode and leaves the viewer thinking 'ok that one might be interesting!' Needless to say, it lies. Although I fell for this obvious ploy 9 times so I have to give it some credit and a whopping 3 out of 10. Alright if there is really nothing else on.

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  1. I was the same exactly way but it was with my DISH co-workers quoting it and talking about it that got me interested in seeing it. I was so surprised that this show even came back for a second season and parents didn't have a riot about the sexuality in it. I can't help but to watch though because it is all my co-workers talk about. Just make sure you saving your money by watching it with DISH and not any other company that will charge you more.


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