Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cat starts a blog

My name is Cat. I am an amateur baker and a fanatic Food Network watcher. Therefore I have decided to start a blog, partially because I thoroughly enjoy reading other people's food blogs and mostly because it gives me a rather wonderful excuse to bake on a regular basis.
Once, or twice a week if I'm very lucky, I get a night where I bake/cook something delicious and sit down to enjoy some of the many television shows I have recorded on my DVR box. I think that watching television with some freshly baked cookies (especially when I have friends to share them with) is pretty much the best night of the working week. I would like to share this experience with others so here I am, TV and Cookies the blog.
Ok so the basis of the blog is this a weekly update where I will either describe a recipe or give a review of the shows I'm watching, maybe both, and I do hope someone else likes it but if not I'll still have fun writing and baking.

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