Monday, October 12, 2015

American Horror Story Hotel Review

American Horror Story has been one of my favourite fall/autumn shows for a long time. However last year, I didn't even bother to finish watching the show. AHS: Freak show was at best annoying and at worst downright offensive. With disappointment I lost faith in the show but then came the amazing trailer for AHS:Hotel -

This definitely warranted a second look and so I watched the first episode and long story short, AHS has got it's mojo back!!

First and foremost - creepy kids!! If they had even attempted a haunted hotel without some creepy kids, reminiscent of 'The Shining,' then everything would have been for naught. Even lady Gaga and all her weirdness wouldn't have redeemed that error!! Thankfully this is a scenario that doesn't have to be considered because they do have creepy kids, and not just twins, lots and lots of creepy kids, and it's awesome!!!

So what else have we got going on? Well, what about lady gaga? She definitely brings a certain, je ne sais quoi! Not to mention a huge pre-existing audience! However to say that she fits the Ryan Murphy style would be a massive understatement! She adds all of the drama and flare that you would expect and even more. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of Lady Gaga but I became a fan of her acting in this first episode.

So this is only a quick review but suffice is to say- watch it for yourself and decide! I think you'll thank me for the encouragement!

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