Monday, May 18, 2015

My whole life popcorn has always been a microwave affair for me. My mother was never into processed foods so we didn’t have those microwaveable popcorn packets but she bought us this special contraption for microwaving popcorn without using oil. None-the-less it was always in a microwave. Moving on we bought packets that can thrown in the microwave and make one batch at a time. Always, always in a microwave. Until now, recently we made a decision to be more healthy and suddenly, all the added salt in the packet and the process of radiating it seemed excessive. Then I started to wonder why we never popped microwave on the stove. I had always been warned that it’s dangerous, but that’s somewhat ridiculous. I deep fry on the stove, why could be so dangerous about popping popcorn?!

The best part is, it’s so easy and cheap. In fact it’s significantly more economical than buying the microwave packets and you can flavour it any way that you like.
So what do you need – 

1 – Deep Saucepan, with a lid
2 – 1 tablespoon almond oil
3 – ½ cup popping corn

1.       Heat the oil in the base of the pan and then add the corn and immediately apply the lid
2.       Let them start to heat and then begin to shake the saucepan
3.       Continue to shake the saucepan while it pops, to ensure that the popped kernels move to the top and don’t get burnt.
4.       Once the corn reached near the top of the saucepan then remove from the heat and don’t open the lid until the corn stops popping
5.       Add your seasoning of choice to the bottom of a large bowl and pour in the popcorn and toss. Then serve hot and delicious!!

Easy, right?! The whole thing is done and dusted in a few minutes and before you know it you will be enjoying amazing popcorn with a friend and a movie or tv-show.
A tv-show like Rita – a new edition to the Netflix family of tv-shows. First thing I should mention. It’s Danish, so there are subtitles. However if you don’ mind that, this show is hilarious. Rita is a teacher who never really grew up.

Image from IMDB

The result of this is that she is amazing with her students and extremely direct with adults, which….. doesn’t always go over that well. Diplomacy is definitely not her forte and as a less than diplomatic individual this gives me great joy to see in a television show. She has three children of her own who she raised alone and there is a very Lorelai Gilmore feeling to it. However unlike Rory Gilmore, Rita’s children aren’t the academic high achievers but instead they are feeling the ramifications of an erratic childhood. 

Image from

Relationships are a point of issue for Rita. She is sleeping with her principal, but refuses to commit to any kind of relationship. Her relationships with men provide an interesting set of storylines to the point where my bf commented that she should lose her right to engage in romantic relationships. I would agree with him, if it weren’t for how unbelievably entertaining it makes the show.
I would highly recommend watching Rita, if you have Netflix. It’s not quite ‘sign up to Netflix’ worthy like Orange is the New Black (next month - s3, eeeee! excited!) or House of Cards, but it is definitely a good show that it worth a try. 

So enjoy your popcorn, radiation free and your shows with subtitles and feel all kinds of fancy til next week =)

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