Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Raspberry basket cake

This weekend was mother’s day (in the states) and here it was my birthday! Unfortunately this year I was away from my family for my birthday for only the second time ever. Thankfully, not from all my family. My wonderful partner treated me to a lovely day out and delicious dinner. As a result of my being such a grown up we decided to go to a pet show. It was amazing, there were such a huge number of wonderful pets and we met and pet them all; well pet a few, but it was still great! Here’s a few examples – 

I decided to make a little birthday cake because there would be two of us eating it. Of course I couldn’t just make a tiny thing and in tribute to a wonderful birthday party with an amazing four-layer chocolate cake that my mum organized for me 10 years previously. I decided to make a teeny tiny 4 layer cake.

This raspberry basket cake has four layer of vanilla sponge, moistens with blueberry and blackberry drizzle. Each layer is separated by homemade raspberry jam and the whole thing is covered in delicious raspberry buttercream. The basket weave pattern is remarkably easy to do and turns out beautifully. The topping of fresh raspberries really adds a beautiful light juiciness to each piece.

Raspberry basket cake

Cake (4 layers of 4 inch cake tin)

170g unsalted butter
170g caster sugar
2 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp milk
300g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder

1 - Preheat the oven to 180'. Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy

2 - In a seperate bowl beat together the eggs, milk and vanilla extract and onto a floppy chopping board sieve the flour and baking powder together

3 - Beat the egg mixture and the flour mixture, alternating betweeeen the two into the butter until just combined.

4 - Butter and flour your tins and then bake for 30 minutes. Remove and let cool; first in the tin then on a wire wrack.

Raspeberry jam

I made this myself but feel free to use store bought

100g Frozen Raspberries
75g Caster sugar

1 - While your cake is baking, heat your frozen raspberries

2 - Add sugar, once the raspberries have melted, then stir and boil until it thickens and then let cool


10 Blueberries
5 Blackberries

1 Mush these together. You can add a spoon of sugar but I didn't because you probably don need it.

2 - Pour these over your cake.

Raspberry Buttercream

125g Unsalted butter
390g Icing sugar
2-3 tbsp homemade raspberry jam ( I included the seeds but you may want to go for a seedless option)

1 - Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2 - Add the cooled raspberry jam and beat until combined

 To assemble, alternate your cakes, cutting the top off two; one cut, one whole upside down, one cut and then top one facing up.

Apply a crumb coat and then chill to set this

Isn't this beautiful?!
Once the crumb coat has set then start to apply the basket weave icing. Use a head that has a serrated edge. Then pipe one line going up.

 Then pipe sideways line over this

Add extra icing to the top and secure the raspberries. I deliberately put them facing different directions in order to look more like a basket of raspberries.

Then enjoy with candles and a smile =)

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