Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Years!!

It's 2016!!!! I'm so excited for the new year! This year I will (hopefully) complete my doctorate!! I also have some other exciting events upcoming, including some travel, baking projects and basically I am just very much looking forward to 2016. You wouldn't necessarily know it from reading this blog, mostly because I like to focus on the positive, but certain aspects of 2015 have been incredibly difficult and I am hoping to put that behind me. I spent New Years Eve with my wonderful bf who treated me to a night in a fancy hotel, dinner and drinks!! It was so so much fun and really was a great start to what I hope will be a great year.

New years is also an important time to reflect and there were some absolutely wonderful parts to 2015. Many of those wonderful moments have also been associated with lovely baking and so I thought I would give you a little reminder of my favourite posts from 2015. Original and amazing idea, right?! No? Everyone does it?!! Oh..................oh well ;)

So starting in January I was thrilled with these lil cupcakes. Nutella cupcakes do not meet the new years healthy kick but these are so worth it!

In March I got the chance to visit my sister and we made this delicious Vegan Icecream. This stuff was absolutely delicious, super creamy and amazing! I would recommend trying this if you have access to an ice-cream maker. This is also perfect if your new years resolution was to quit dairy!

It's not food related but since this is my list of favourite things of 2015, I cannot complete this without mentioning the amazing skiing trip we took in April.

In May we had this delicious blueberry pie, that made me very happy!!

In June, I had the most amazing, amazing time at a wedding cake decorating course.

Which helped me to make this lovely wedding cake,for a friend of mine, which has this inside -

And then halloween, when my bf and I made turtles together -

And finally, finishing out the year with this quick and easy Christmas Cake!

So that was 2015! It was actually really fun putting these together as it reminded me of all the wonderful happy times I had in 2015. Here's to a brilliant 2016 for all of us and see you next week ;)

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