Monday, June 8, 2015

Wedding Cake course

This past week I had an amazing opportunity. My wonderful bf and parents gifted me with a tiered wedding cake course at Fair Cake London and it was the most enjoyable week. The course included three tiered cakes, as well as flowers and decorations. We learnt amazing techniques and tricks from professional cake bakers and decorators. The instructors were incredibly kind and approachable, willing to discuss anything regarding cake decorating, working with cakes, and wedding cake essentials etc. The pace of the class was intense as we were learning a lot in a short period but yet the instructors were willing to slow down at certain points and help each student with any part they may have been struggling with. So enough gushing, let me show you some of the cakes I made this week -

The Pink Ruffles Cake

The square base provides a nice contrast to the softer ruffles and rounded tiers. The powdered pink finish also softens the look.

The Four-tiered Simple Elegance Cake

And a better look at the rose -

I liked the simple elegance of this, with gold highlighted dots and then the golden rose

The School Board Character Cake

The lesson for the class ;)

The side of the cake tells a story

Love and love and love leads to wedding cake ;)

Large cake decorating is completely new to me and, there was definitely a bit of a learning curve. It was absolutely amazing to have instructors to facilitate the learning process and be there to ask little questions or address little problems. I will definitely continue working with larger cakes and improve my skills and gather new techniques. In the mean time I hope that you enjoy these photos.

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