Monday, August 3, 2015

Birthday cakes

Another week, another cake, or so it seems! But let me tell you.....I am not complaining!! Baking is so much fun, but nothing is more fun than sharing that baking with others!! Recently I have been very lucky and happy to have had a number of opportunities to make celebration cakes for birthday parties.

The first was a beautiful two tiered birthday cake for my grandmother. We celebrated her birthday with the rest of my family and we had a wonderful time. The cake went down really well and I was pleased with how it turned out. The technique that I have been using most recently has been piped buttercream roses. I love this piping technique because it gies height and definition easily and with a little more time and planning you can add a beautiful focus to any cake.

Inside the cake was a store bought cake that originally started by looking quite cheap. There were positives and negatives to this. As you can see, a small amount of work changed the cake into something more impressive, without having to do the baking. However, as it turned out, the store bought cake was dry and unimpressive. I feared this when I saw it but was assured by multiple people that the cake had a 4 star review from a leading local paper. Just shows that you should always trust your instinct on these things. Regardless everyone at the party enjoyed the cake and no-one appeared to complain about the dryness, so....

The second cake was one that I did for a friends' 30th. She specifically requested a red velvet and recently commented that she would love to be able to have a sprinkles cake. So I combined the two and came out with this.

As you can see once again I have used the piped roses, but this time as a much smaller accessory, making the sprinkles the highlight of the cake.

As you may have read last week I explored the difference between artificial and natural red food colouring. This cake was for an American friend, so I knew it needed to be bright red and therefore used the artificial colouring. So how does it look cut -

Want a piece?!

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