Monday, July 13, 2015

Trying to fondant a carrot cake

Recently I have been given the challenge of putting fondant on a carrot cake. I thought; easy, right?! So I went to an expert and asked about it. The answer I got surprised me; no, no, absolutely not, you don't put fondant on a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, it's too soft, it will break under the pressure, you need a denser cake and a stable frosting, cream cheese will destroy the fondant and go off before anyone can eat it and it will be awful ......................oh!

But.....but....I love carrot cake
But I was determined, I would make this carrot cake, and cover it in fondant, and it would be delicious. So like any good food blogger, I turned to the internet. There I saw watched beautiful videos by Cake-style about filling and ganaching cakes. They fill the center with buttercream and then seal with ganache, then ganache the whole cake. It occurred to me that this could work with carrot cake. The white chocolate would provide structure and an airtight seal that would keep the cream cheese from going off too quickly, while the cream cheese filling provides that classic taste.

So here's my cake -

And the inside

And a close up -

Delicious carrot cake filled with oodles of cream cheese and a thick layer of white chocolate to make it air-tight, sturdy, fill in the gaps (that can't be carved away) and protect all the delicious moist cake and filling. Obviously there is no fondant on this one, yet!

So then you cover in fondant, let dry and then cover in cling-film to return to the fridge

Take out on the day of the event and add decorations. Et voila!

And the finished product, let me know what you think?

Image of baby = public domain image

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