Monday, January 19, 2015

Brick Lane escapades

This weekend we went to Brick Lane for a day out and I decided to bring you along for a look at some of what we found. Highlights were a delicious coffee roasters, cereal killer cafe (where they serve nothing but cereal from 7am to 10pm) and the art of the brick exhibition.

We started our afternoon with a little pick me up. Brick Lane is such a bustling place with people pushing you and interesting stalls pulling you. It's definitely a place that requires energy. So we searched around and found a wonderful little roasters/cafe called Nude.

The smell of the place alone would be enough to draw anyone. They have a little cafe called Nude espresso across the road from the roasters but the roasters/cafe is so beautiful. Half the building is taken up with their roasting and storing equipment etc. which gives the place the most authentic feeling. Plus makes for that amazing smell.

The rest has little tables and coffee accessories for sale but let me move onto the coffee. It was absolutely delicious. They have a selection of drip methods, aeropress as well as a traditional machine for espresso, cappucino etc. So let's show you what we got -

A delicious latte

 strong americano
Delicious blueberry flapjack
The coffee was very clearly third wave but the blend was beautiful. The americano was full of subtle flavours and yet the flavour stood up to the milk in the latte.

After we had boosted our energy levels we explored the markets and then went to the art of the brick exhibition. This exhibition is amazing! The work of artist Nathan Sawaya, statues and pictures entirely made with lego. It is incredible what he has achieved with these tiny little blocks and well worth seeing. Some of my favourite pieces included a man who had ripped his own head off because of stress and the poster cover statue of a man ripping himself open with legos spilling out.

So after the fun of the exhibition, we headed over to Cereal Killer Cafe, to eat cereal for dinner (not really!). We have been looking forward to visiting this amazing cafe since it's opening last year. Myself and my sister have been talking about how amazing it would be to have a cereal cafe like those in the states for years. So this has been on my to-do list for A WHILE. If you have been considering it well let me review the experience for you.

The cafe is quite small and very popular, we originally tried to get our cereal before going to the art of the brick exhibition but the queue was out the door. So timing is essential if you want to visit this place. Even at our second visit, circa 5pm, the queue was short but the seating was almost full. I hope that the popularity of the place will mean that they might be able to open a second/bigger location at some point.

The size aside, the cafe is decorated so well. They have filled the walls with different boxes of cereal as well as a case full of cereal toys and other cereal paraphernalia.

Please excuse the shine in this photo
They even had boxes with their pictures printed on, if you look at the edges of the top shelf above. Their selection of cereal was fantastic. As my boyfriend very aptly pointed out, it leaned heavily on the western brands (US and UK) but their was an amazing about of choice none-the-less.

There is so much selection, in fact, that choosing was very difficult. I would advise standing back if possile and choosing with care. The selection continues when it comes to the milk and toppings.

Look at that selection.
I know that last picture is fuzzy but to clarify they have 15 types of milk including cows milk (full fat, half fat, skim), soy, rice, coconut, flavoured milks and yoghurt milk (which I had and this is awesome). They also have a huge selection of toppings which are listed over the bottom half of the board above. So variety is not an issue, unless making a choice is an issue for you. I will be honest with you, I do! So I fretted and stalled and then choose muesli. Yes, you heard me correctly muesli, granted it was an Italian kind that I hadn't seen in years but in a world of American sugar overload cereal, I made a healthy choice.....and I regretted it. So lets have a look at that and the lighting reflects my emotions

Yes this is a half eaten and poorly lit bowl of muesli- poor life choices
So an overall review, Cereal Killer Cafe is fantastic. The choice is amazing, the cereals are delicious, (even my muesli!). The portions could be better, we got large bowls of cereal and honestly I would consider them to be more like medium. The service was great, especially considering how rushed they must have been all day. I was helped by the owner at one stage and he was so friendly and helpful that I was very impressed. They could use more space, but considering they only opened last year and the popularity of the place I would imagine that they could expand or perhaps open another location, which I seriously hope that they so maybe somewhere closer to me! I would 100% recommend going and I will definitely be going back.

So that's it for this week. Have a good week and I will be back next Monday, and every (most) Monday with some deliciousness for your entertainment.

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