Monday, September 29, 2014

BF's birthday weekend: 50 Ways to Kill your Mammy review

This past weekend I've been having an amazing celebratory weekend at home for the bf's birthday. We have had such an fun time and there was baking but no time for photos. To be honest, I didn't even try as I've been down this road before and tried to get photos, failed and been annoyed with myself and as other bloggers can attest - if it's not fun, there's no point!! SO instead this week I intend to introduce you to something I've only recently discovered but which has changed my Friday nights - 50 ways to kill your Mammy!

In this incredibly funny show TV and radio presenter Bazil Ashmawy takes his mum on the adventure of a life-time, doing every crazy and adventurous thing that you can think of; bungie jumping, sky-diving, alligator wrestling (more like hugging) and rally car driving. Each adventure more exciting and terrifying........ and there's Baz and his 70 year old Mum trying them one after one!

Baz is entertaining and his commentary provides a lot of the continuity and movement between activities. Some of his reflections on his mother are really very funny and relatable. However for me the star of the show is his Mammy Nancy. Never have we seen the like on television before! Imagine your own mother or grandmother being asked to do these things and the reactions they might give 'No,, now I don't think that's a good idea,' 'That's lovely but it's not for me now!' Mild mannered, polite, dignified but resistant. It's Nancy's reactions that make every adventure absolutely hilarious. We've seen people sky dive, we seen people bungie jump and jump on alligators, nothing surprises us on television anymore but you have not seen these things done by a resistant 70 year old woman!! I have to say I just love her, she reminds me of a combination of both my grandmothers together and my bf's mother whom I absolutely love also. The most admirable part is that despite her resistance Nancy pushes herself to try almost everything, you're never sure if she will, but the courage and indomitable spirit that this woman shows is something else.

Best of all is the genuine and heart-warming commentary that she gives to the camera after the activities are over. She more often than not recommends that other older people give it a try and says things like 'I'm glad I did it now!' or 'Sure you only live once, sure you might as well give it a go.' I honestly believe that she views the whole thing as a travel show that pushes the boundaries of expectation for older tourists and sure why can't it be just that?!

I should note that my being Irish helps in the enjoyment here. These two are not only Irish but also from an area very similar to the one I grew up in, so there are a lot of Irish-isms that I really enjoy. That said I think anyone would love this show and I truly truly recommend trying it if you can. So yes that's it and I'll be back next week with more deliciousness =)

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