Monday, July 28, 2014

A quick and easy summer dessert

Ok - I am not going to lie to you. I am all the way phoning it in this week! I have a massive deadline in college and haven't had the time to even think about baking. To add to that it is HOT here!! I mean in the mid to high twenties at night!! There is just no relieve. Now it has been pointed out to me, today actually, that if I had ever lived in a more tropical climate I wouldn't even consider this to be spring weather and I take the point on board, but this little Irish girl is just not used to the heat! Now you see why I love autumn and winter so!

In terms of baking, the summer brings cravings for fresh flavours, salads and fruit so cake and cookies go off my radar for a while. But that's not to say that my sweet-tooth takes a vacation! Oh no, I need my sugar fix! So this week I thought I'd show you what you can throw together that satisfies the need for dessert without too much hassle, or any baking (hence the phoning it in).

Frozen Grapes with Mint Chocolate Dip!

You'll need:
White Grapes
Dark chocolate
Dark mint chocolate
White wine (optional)

So this recipe takes no effort but some planning. You will need to freeze your grapes over night but if you're like me and have difficulty with this heat I would recommend having a bag of grapes in your freezer all summer

You get to see inside my freezer, feeling privileged?! I know you are!!
Just before serving take out your chocolates. You want to have a 2/1 ration of dark chocolate to mint dark chocolate and I would recommend at least 40g of chocolate per person, probably more!

You can melt your chocolate in a double boiler or directly in the ramekins in the microwave, heating for 20 seconds at a time and mixing between blasts. Once melted serve immediately.

Present each guest with their own grapes and chocolate and let the dipping ensue

If you wanted to be classy you could provide them with plastic toothpicks!

You'll notice that the chocolate hardens instantly on the cold grape, so there's no mess and the flavours go together beautifully. Combine this with a nice dessert wine and you are golden my friends!

Other uses for frozen grapes:
To replace ice-cubes in a drink that you need to cool but do not wish to water down any further - like a pimms cup!!
Without the chocolate as a refreshing snack
In a smoothie
To thrown at an annoying friend or sibling, idk - please don't they are really hard!

So that's it, I'll be back next week with hopefully a more complicated recipe but in the mean time try this and enjoy =)

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