Monday, June 9, 2014

Orange is the New Black Snack Attack

This weekend like many people, I binged on some amazing 'Orange is the New Black,' season 2 amaziness and this level of awesome TV show requires a level of snack that is above par, so popcorn meet puppy chow, you will be the best of friends!

Orange is the New Black season 2. We pick up a few weeks after we left off and the fall out from season 1 is still affecting everyone. I will not spoil anything here but the first episode appears to bring the story line closer in with the book. Piper's actions of last season have left her in a very vulnerable place and her fear and confusion is very evident in the first episode. That said it reaches a stage where we called BS as she breaks down to any random stranger.

So puppy chow, if you have never heard of this deliciousness before then let me introduce you. It may be named after dog food, look a bit like dog food but it tastes amazing. You take average ingredients that you have lying around and turn them into something special.

I used some left over white chocolate from the Christmas supplies but if you have les of a sweet tooth I would recommend dark chocolate. But here's how you make it.

100g Chocolate of choice
200g Cereal
3 tbsp Icing sugar in a large plastic bag
1 bag of salted popcorn

1 - Melt the chocolate

2 - Add your cereal

3 - Mix carefully, so as not to break the cereal pieces, until every piece is well covered in chocolate.

4 - Now pour the chocolate covered cereal into the bag of icing sugar and shake, shake, shake........
it's so much fun!

Now just introduce this delicious concoction to a bowl of popcorn and then settle in for an amazing night of TV and crunchy chocolatey goodness.

Some slight spoilers:
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed season two. The back stories of characters that we didn't see in season 1 and more detail on the stories that we already knew. There is also the introduction of a new character - Ms Vee. Ms Vee shakes up a lot of things and, despite the fact that I had my own negative feelings towards her, she certainly made things interesting.

Characters that were developed a little more this season included Taystee, Miss Rosa, Crazy eyes and Poussey. However unlike the first season back stories in season two appear incomplete and honestly left me feeling dissatisfied and somewhat frustrated. What did they leave out? Well, for one, how the character ended up in prison. Taystee and Miss Rosa's stories have a natural ending in prison or worse but I left the episodes with Crazy eyes and Poussey feeling I could see that they had temper issues but cannot understand how they went to prison and particularly for such extended sentences. Yes we have been informed that Poussey is in prison for marijuana dealing but this doesn't even feature in her back story.

One of my favourite back story's was Morello's. The episode about Morello is revealing, fascinating and truly, deeply sad. Some people might jump to conclusions about her, about other people in her life but I left the episode feeling sympathy for everyone involved and confused about who was to blame or how it could have been avoided. I love that level of complexity, maybe you'll watch it and think 'It's obvious who's to blame here,' but I don't know and the fact that a character like Morello or crazy eyes can be portrayed so beautifully is, to me, the strength of Orange is the New Black.

Sure I had my criticisms; the lesbian sex competition made the middle of the season feel a bit more like a pornographic ratings grab. Some of the back stories were unfulfilling and left me feeling that season two was written with season 3 in mind but then by s2e13 I was laughing and cheering along while getting excited for season 3. So overall I would definitely recommend watching Orange is the New Black season 2.

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