Saturday, April 13, 2013

Skiing Cake and the last of the winter snow

So it has been a while and I'd apologize but it would be somewhat insincere, I needed a short break. In these difficult times it is all too easy to let everything get on top of you and then it is time to do some prioritization and that's what I had to do. I didn't stop baking but I had to focus my energies on some other things and a small few of these things have been paying dividends which is wonderful, long may it continue. The good news is, that when I baked I also photographed, so I should have a few fun posts coming up in the next few weeks.

First, one of the reasons for my absence was also that I took a little trip to Austria and got some skiing in. I absolutely love skiing, the structure to the day, the cold, the food, and the excitement of the piste. Living in Ireland we rarely get much in the way of snow. Therefore stepping into a winter wonderland is always a mixture of awe and excitement for me. Here's a little taste of what we saw...

Snow covered trees

Like a dusting of icing sugar
An igloo bar

The igloo bar was amazing. It looked tiny from the outside but once you enter it expands into several large caverns with beautiful places to sit and drink. I'd rethink staying in the ice hotel after this experience, it was very cold and touching the walls was an experience of it own.

Shortly after we returned was the celebration of my father's birthday. He loves skiing too and, as I was making his cake, I thought that nothing short of a skiing cake would do. He requested a carrot cake, so I used the recipe I have up put up before with a couple of health substitutions because my dad is a healthy guy. Then I designed a mountain scene that would remind him of our favourite ski holiday activity - stopping for lunch and a hot chocolate in a mountain-side restaurant in between red runs ;)

There's out restaurant, now imagine we're drinking a hot chocolate before..

before we take on these slops!!!

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