Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't trust the B in apartment 23 Review (some mild language)

This show is also titled 'Apartment 23' in some places. I discovered this show in the most unlikely of places. I was scanning channels the day that I posted about having a lazy day and saw James Van Der Beek on the E! network, unlikely as I rarely learn anything from there. He was talking about some new show where he plays himself, except himself as a bastard. I changed after that, as I said I was flicking, but the idea had peaked my interest. I googled the show and watched the promo and that was it....... I'm hooked.

The basic premise of the show follows a small town twenty something year old girl (June) who is moving to a new city to start her dream job and her dream life when her world comes crashing down around her and during this time she moves in with the B**** in apartment 23(Chloe).
The B is played by Krysten Ritter, previous roles in 'Breaking Bad,'  'Killing Bono,' 'Gilmore Girls,' and 'Veronica Mars,' to name but a few. I have to say although many of her characters share similarities (arty, rich, acting ditzy but being intelligent), I have always liked what I have seen from her work. June is played by Dreama Walker, who if I'm honest I've never seen before but you plays the role of the innocent coming-of-ager very well, in my opinion. James Van Der Beek, as previously mentioned, plays himself as a male B and Chloe's best friend. This leads to hilarious scenes playing on his fame. For example in episode one while talking to Chloe on the phone we hear the title track from Dawson's creak starting in the background. Chloe immediately responds by asking if he has a girl over and if that girl is asking him to wear a flannel shirt while we see a scantily clad lady standing on the stairs holding a typical Dawson style shirt.

Throughout the episodes we see the interesting dynamics in the relationships between June, the eternal optimist, Chloe, the morally corrupt party girl and James, the actor who is struggling to break free from his previous roles while also bleeding it for every bit of attention and meaningless sex that it can provide him. We see snippets of the hearts beneath our bad characters being played against the heart on her sleeve approach to life taken by June and this creates for amusing comedy.

To be fair, this is not some cerebral thriller/drama that will keep you glued to the set and it definitely fits the type of show that could be missed for a week and still enjoyed without catching up. That said however, I really enjoyed the episodes and the comedy so far, it's witty, it's topical and it's random as all hell! All in all I really enjoyed this show and I would recommend it.

Going back to my lazy post, I mentioned that I had a crazy week coming up. That week has past more or less successfully. It involved a whole ton of baking and working and the result of this will be posted on Wednesday this week, please check it out as it is a recipe that I have worked on for almost 2 months.

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