Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It has been a while crocodile

I don't like college and yet somehow college has taken over my life this year, well college and work. I wonder if my dislike for college is related to it's ability to take over your life and your brain. See that's exactly the type of thinking that happens in college. The point of this tiny rant is to say that I am sorry I have not posted, more angry at myself than anything cos I was so determined to post once a week, but that's enough of that.
This week I wanted to make carrot cake. My boyfriend's mother likes carrot cake and I wanted to make one for her. Trouble is I don't have a recipe so I decided to try Alton Brown's recipe and review it here. The recipe is in his show on carrots (S8E17) and plays a very small part in the episode towards the end but the results from this recipe are delicious. I remember making carrot cake as a child from a Delia Smith book and her methods were very different and to my tastes, much less satisfactory! The cake and the frosting he makes are delicious. It is quite heavy, not for the faint-hearted. I substituted half of the yoghurt with milk, due to a lack of yoghurt so this may have affected things but the heaviness of the cake is quite appealing.

This is the original recipe

And here is the result -

It is sweet but not too sweet, slightly heavy but not stodgy. It is crumbly and delicious and definitely moreish.I will definitely be making this again and I would recommend you to try it too = )

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